Did You Know Tedrico’s Page Offers Website To Mobile Conversions?

Today, websites must be easily accessed using handheld devices: iPhone, iPad, Android based, and many more smart phones. Websites are environments where people are living and working; websites must be accessible on the go. People are switching from laptops to mobile phones unfortunately. Case in point:

‘If you are for example a Rocky Mount restaurant owner, it is important that people Can find your website, read your menu and book a table using mobile phone rather than laptop, because after all, Interstate 5 is not that far away from your city, Thus a majority of those bookings will undoubtedly be tourist who do not know the area or the cuisines, etc., as do the locals. It is particularly important that your restaurant is available to them in a concise, simply, user friendly mobile format.’

We cater to all major handheld devices so your mobile website will be viewable on the iPhone/Apple Webkit, Android/Gecko, Windows Mobile CE, Blackberry/RIM, IEMobile, Play Station, and Symbian Operating Systems. Each Mobile Website Design will have a maximum design width of 240 pixels, a 72dpi resolution, with a download rate of 31KB per second. 240 x 320 (also called QVGA) hand held screen resolution is the target size we develop for because even in the iPhone / Droid age, it is by far the most common and it is still displaying rapid growth. If you seek web to mobile site conversion then this should be the target screen size you envision your website displaying in. Apple’s iPhone and Androids aren’t the only smart phones on the market but everyone agrees their release has raised the bar for a mobile web experience and of course, have given developers more screen pixels to play with.

‘ Websites not optimized for the smaller-screen formats will become a market barrier for their owners’, says PC World magazine analysts.

Therefore, with that said … if your site fits comfortably on let’s say, a Blackberry Pearl 8100 series phone, then it will look even better on today’s newer smart phone. Let us take care of designing your mobile website from optimized coding to adding handheld mobile detection scripts, ensuring the end result will be mobile friendly with faster loading speeds. Your customers will be happy when next they receive their carrier’s phone bill!

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