Graphic Design

Here at Tedrico’s Page, we’re dedicated to making your ideas sell. Whether you require graphic design services in Martinsville, or throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains, we can deliver. Our areas of expertise include graphic design, logo design and desktop publishing. We offer a wide range of design skills that can benefit your marketing campaigns. Experienced in graphic design solutions for print or web, we can provide graphic design services for Virginia based businesses or beyond.

Graphic Design 2 Graphic Design 1

Pricing for this service can range from Flat Rates for Door Hanger, Flyer, and Business or Post Card Creation, to By-The-Hour Rates for Web Graphics, Photo Restorations, and Custom Logos consisting of 1 concept and a maximum of 2 revisions. When it comes to graphic design, making contemporary ideas work for you and your company, comes first. Wherever your business is based, we are sure our enthusiasm and creativity can find the right solution for you TODAY!

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