Search Engine Optimization

Tedrico’s Page specializes in making our clients’ SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILTY dreams come true in cyberspace. First, we will work with you to identify your company’s target audience, and key words and key phrases internet surfers will most likely use in their search queries to find your company. Next, by promoting these pages to 5 major search engines, and as many minor search engines, web directories, announce services, industry specific directories & search engines, blog sites, local craigslist pages, and social networking web sites as needed. Tedrico’s Page will make sure the citizens of the World Wide Web become increasingly aware of your product or service. Since most search engines index pages based on relevancy of “key words /key phrases” within the content, Tedrico’s Page makes certain the words that people will be searching for are used to maximize the traffic to your keyword and content rich site for an AFFORDABLE PRICE:


FROM $150 – This covers the tedious process of determining target key words and phrases, redesigning the textual and graphical content of each page that is to be submitted in order to make them search engine “readied” (meaning increasing the probability of good positioning within the first 3 pages of user search results). This task is accomplished in 10 easy steps:

  1. Keyword research & analysis
  2. Optimization of Title, Alt, Meta, and Header Tags
  3. Keyword density determination and calibration
  4. Manual submissions to the following 5 search engines:
    • Bing (3 mos.)
    • Google (3 days to 2 wks.)
    • Alexa (3 mos.)
    • Ask (1 to 12 wks.)
    • Open Directory (2 weeks to several months)
  5. Automated submission to 50 to 200 minor engines
  6. Initial ranking report generation
  7. Google Maps & Place listing
  8. Local Yahoo! & Bing listing
  9. Google, Bing, Yahoo sitemap creation & installation
  10. Google Analytics tracking implementation

Depending on number of initial site pages to be indexed or decisive increase in website’s size, package price could double or even triple, but all fee amount increases will be discussed and mutually agreed upon by both the client and the Webmaster.



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